1000 model rifle rest

WATERTOWN, SD – Target Shooting Incorporated adds another new shooting rest to its successful product line. The model 1000 joins TSI’s line of high-quality, precision engineered shooting products. The model 1000 has many of the same features as the already popular 500 with increased adjustability and added features. The base is a cast, ferrous compound with a high-temperature silver-vain powder coating. This makes both the structure and finishes very durable. Half-inch, solid, cold-rolled stainless steel rods connect the forearm rest to but stock saddle. Length adjustment is fast and easily accepts any sized rifle. Pure shooters will appreciate the fine-tuning feature for both elevation and windage adjustments. A precise point-of- impact can be achieved without moving the entire position of the rifle and rest and the 1000 will maintain that point of impact after each shot unlike conventional sandbags or shooting rests. The 1000’s patented base design gives height adjustment at each foot. It can be leveled by horizontally fine-tuning each foot and with an integrated plumb bubble shooter’s can achieve perfect leveling. The feet of the 1000 have non-marring vinyl covers. These covers can be removed to expose Rockwell-hardened points for use on wood and concrete surfaces. The rifle forearm rests in silicone treaded blocks that are soft as to not mar the forearms finish and also solid enough for positive positioning of point-of-impact. The blocks are adjustable from 1 ¼”-3″ to snugly fit any width forearm. With the rifle in place, both windage and elevation can be adjusted without moving the rest base. The buttstock is cradled in a rear saddle that is covered with leather and has a built-in leather bumper. This rear saddle is height and tilt adjustable with an optional fine-tune height adjustment available as an added accessory. No other rest system holds a rifle as solid into place without risk of damage to the blued or stock finish. Most importantly, the rifle is protected and point-of-impact is maintained after the recoil of a fired shot, even for the heaviest of magnum loads. “The Infantry Center Instructors us the TSI rifle rest when training initial entry Soldiers here at Fort Benning, Georgia and take the rest on the road when conducting New Equipment Training (NET) for Army combat forces,” says Charley Pavlick, Senior Analyst/Camber at Ft. Benning. “Additionally, the Infantry Center Instructors have used the TSI rest during weapon and accessory integration, research, testing and evaluation,” he says. “One of the best rifle rests I’ve ever shot over comes from Target Shooting, Inc. It has enough adjustment to satisfy anyone but remains cleverly simple. It’s stone solid, easy to use and it babies your rifle. Obviously, this rest was designed by a shooter,” says Wayne van Zwoll, Special Projects Editor, Guns & Ammo Magazine. TSI is also proud to have its rest nominated for the “Editor’s Choice Award” of On Target Magazine. TSI’s model 1000 has several accessories available and many more in development. A sandbag attachment converts the silicone blocks to a conventional forearm rest, a rear saddle with fine-tune height adjustment, a bull vice to hold a rifle in place for gunsmithing, and a pistol rest for pistol shooting, and a gun stop. Available soon is a front V saddle and a specially designed rear base, making the 1000 legal for competition shooting. All these accessories make the model 1000 the most versatile found anywhere. TSI’s new model 1000 has the most precision features of any rest sold anywhere. As all TSI products, the 1000 was designed by shooters for shooters. To see the entire line of TSI products visit their website at