2000LP Rifle Rest

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Our new model 2000LP rifle rest does everything that two-piece rests can do and more
  •    Fine tune adjustment that is really convenient to use for both front and back
  •    Alignment between front and rear bags is built in and spacing between them is completely adjustable
  •    Adjustable hand rest for comfort and perfect trigger control
  •    Front sides are adjustable for stock width from 1 inch to 3.5 inch and incorporate a fine tune tilt adjustment for the side sandbags which are also height adjustable
  •    The gross elevation in front sports a large ( 8″ ) smooth running gear cog wheel supported by a needle thrust bearin
  •    Massive dual rail gun stop
  •    Rest is adjustable for level with locking feet
  •    In the field it is easy to move with the rifle in place, to point at new targets, but has enough mass to keep securely in place when shooting
  •    Fit, consistency, and ease of use are important to accuracy  This rest optimizes all three and comes complete with sandbags, dual rail gun stop, and rear adjustment feet




3 reviews for 2000LP Rifle Rest

  1. Dave

    I have known Wally for several years now and his products are, in my opinion, the very best on the market. The functionality and form and fit of all the parts are elegant and well thought out. I have his LP1000 and have just purchased the new improved LP2000. It is a remarkable incredible solid piece of precision machinery that looks as well as it shoots. Wally’s long time involvement and knowledge in precision shooting sports is evident in this new design and in all his products. I feel the most accomplished shooter will be very impressed with this rest as well as any of Targetshooting products.. good shooting to all-Dave

  2. Kevin Sullivan

    Like many of you, it’s a tough decision to make choosing a bench rest and for most of us sigh on scene makes it even harder. Luckily I have a friend that told me about Target Shooting and talk to Wally and I’m so glad I did. After my conversation with Wally, and after answering all my questions it did not take me long to make my decision. I am now the owner of the 2000 LP Rifle Rest with the front counter weight.
    After receiving my 2000 LP Rifle Rest I was like a kid on Christmas morning, the workmanship, the quality, the functionality, the fit of all the part was by far a 5 star rifle rest and I could not be anymore pleased, it is truly an excellent piece of equipment.
    Taking my 2000 LP Rifle Rest and my Cooper TRP 57M rifle to the range it was a match made in heaven.

    Thank you Wally for your outstanding workmanship and creative ideas.
    Kevin Sullivan


  3. Joe Locke

    Took my 2000LP up to the range today. Setup my Christensen BA tactical 6.5 creedmoor at 200 yards. Thats the limit at our range here in Connecticut. Fired the round at it went dead center in the bullseye. The rest was rock solid. Also had a women with me that never shot a hi power rifle and she hit a 4 inch clay at 200 on her first shot. Really great product.

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