Model 2400 Rifle Rest

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Sandbags are included for the Model 2400 Rifle Rest.

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Model 2400 Rifle Rest

  • Double rise elevation (sliding sleeve and threaded with mariner wheel)
  • No slop windage top (unique design, always tight and smooth)
  • Fully adjustable from over 4″ down to the narrowest forend (three-piece bag system, no bag changes required, side bags adjustable for height and angle)
  • Rugged, fully adjustable, dual rod forend stop
  • Large diameter closely fitted leveling points with ergonomic knobs and locking disks
  • Built in bullseye spirit level
  • Available in RH and LH configuration
  • Heavy enough to stay put (28 lbs) without being too heavy
  • Durable powder coat finish



1 review for Model 2400 Rifle Rest

  1. Drew Certain

    Wally’s Model 2400 Rest is a great piece of equipment. It is nicely adjustable with no wobble. It is smooth and precise. I have used it with his little rear mini-rest and also a Protektor Rabbit Ear Bag. Either way it is a great piece of equipment. Well made. Clean lines. Smooth operating. I recently shot my best score so far in 22LR Benchrest on Wally’s rest. A 250 17x. Well done Wally. Love your rests!
    Drew C
    Little Rock, AR


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